Here’s what Critics and Theatre Professionals around the Country are saying about
Messiah on the Frigidaire

“I laughed more at this play than I have at anything on a local stage in a long time, And for that many thanks to the skillful playwright and the talented cast that brings this piece to life. You can talk about your playwright competitions, but this new play is just about the best new play I’ve seen produced on a Columbia stage. “

Addison DeWitt
The Free Times Columbia, SC

"’Steel Magnolias’-esque in its use of meandering conversation, the show is punctuated
by laugh-out-loud moments...
Messiah on the Frigidaire grants a wholly satisfying
theatrical experience.”

Sarah Terez Rosenblum
Centerstage Chicago City Guide

“Isn't looking to make fun of hillbilly-style fake piety so much as accentuate the human comedy herein. That's an important difference”

Nina Metz
Chicago Tribune

"As a director, I dream of finding the perfect script; one with an excellent story-line, realistic characters and the potential to take an audience from laughter to tears and back. Messiah on the Frigidaire is that dream come true."

Christine Walsh-Newton
Director, Messiah on the Frigidaire
The Little Theatre of Tuscarawas County,
New Philadelphia, Ohio

“John Culbertson has written a hilarious play about the foibles in the human condition”

Pamela C. Allen
Midland Telegraph Reporter
Midland, Texas

"Your script is among the best I’ve read. Right up there with Inge and Kanin who just happen to be two of my favorite Playwrights. I am thrilled and honored to add Culbertson to that list."

Bil Katrina
Philadelphia, PA

Messiah on the Frigidaire is a very funny play, it is much more than a comedy.”

Harry Harrison
Messiah on the Frigidaire
Maverick Players, Midland, Texas

“The audience can barely catch its breath between laughs”

James Harley
The State Columbia, SC

“Once in a while, a new play will emerge that knocks my socks off.
Messiah On The Frigidaire is such a play.”

Donna Whitmore-Sexton
Messiah on the Frigidaire
Centre Stage SC, Greenville, SC

“It’s loaded with laughs, but has a message that each person will interpret differently.”

Lesley Mocha-Rhyne
Muskogee Little Theatre,

“I want to thank John Culbertson for writing such a wonderful script, full of so many remarkable moments. His script is truly a work of art, and I am excited that I get to be involved with sharing such an amazing piece of work with the audience.”

Wayne-John Rousse
Messiah on the Frigidaire
Workshop Theatre, Columbia, SC

“Mr. Culbertson takes us on a roller-coaster ride from laughs to tears, makes us face the darkest side of our nature, and then leaves us laughing and hopeful with a 'happy' ending. And these days that is almost impossible to find in the American theatre.”

Stas' Czerkawski
Messiah on the Frigidaire
Auburn Area Community Theatre, Alabama

“The litmus test for any drama, especially a comedy, is audience reaction. And on opening night of
Frigidaire, the audience was laughing a lot, often quite mightily.”

George Kanzler
The Metro Beat- Greenville, SC

"Finding laughs in the characters foibles without mocking them, a refreshing change for a play set in a southern trailer park."

Mark Jordan
Mount Vernon News- Ohio